A “High” Pregnancy.

In Bogota, Colombia, the police found a “pregnant” woman about to take off to Canada, from where she proceded, carrying 4 cocaine pounds under her well attached latex belly. She insisted agresively that she had 7 months of pregnancy, but the police wasn’t easily deceived because one of them felt her bellay was way too cold and hard. This news called my attention because of the corrupted and addicted morals the world is experiencing. This kind of news aren’t new to anybody, but I think we shouldn’t lose this sensibility towards the world we live in. Many millions and billions of people are falling each day in this drug trafficking again and again, and it makes me wonder and think they must love what they traffic in order to do it or use it; however, it makes me wonder how much am I loving God and them by praying about this social issues that grow each day.


Link: http://www.laprensa.hn/mundo/americalatina/383681-97/detienen-a-una-falsa-embarazada-con-2-kilos-de-coca%C3%ADna


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