Christian Martyrdom

While searching on the web for any news to blog about, I found this article about current Christian martyrdom and it called much of my attention. As I started to read it I realized it’s the first article I read about martyrdom being held nowadays. Indeed, I also realized how little and how irrelevant we turn this news to be; in fact, the article is called “Silence about the Christian persecution”. We tend to be SO indifferent about persecution when it’s really an important issue!!! So many Christian fellows are dying each day because of and for Christ. It makes me want to place myself in their position and see that I’m doing NOTHING. WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING! We are called to be in constant, fervent prayer for them; it’s the least we can do. I am really motivated about adding this martyrs to my prayers list, because if its true I can’t help them by any other means, God hears our prayers and He is powerful to care for them. 🙂




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