Reaction to Nelson Mandela’s Death

Africa’s greatest hero passed away today, leaving many people in shock and sad at this news because of everything he was able to accomplish during his lifetime. Nelson Mandela was a great moral figure to follow, even though he had his flaws as we humans do. This article shows many public reactions of different people towards this, and it made me think two things: If he could make such an impact on people, why can’t I? and the thought that people react that way towards the death of a public figure but don’t see there’s so much people dying (millions and millions more). I mean, he was a great man and it can’t be denied, but he was just as human as everyone else. We (including me) have to be more sensible to the fact that people are dying, dying in every sense; dying without Christ. As Christians we must get on our feet and move out of our comfort zone because God deserves all of us.



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