Finding the Spirit?

This article I found on the web is not really a news but sort of a response to a letter written to this Reverend Martin Elfert by someone trying to “find the Spirit” because he lives for the world at the moment. The letter in response, Martin says that he/she can find the Spirit anywhere around him because the Spirit is among us. In other words, Elfert responds to the person saying he should be involved in everything that carries serving, because that is how you find the Spirit. First of all, we don’t “find” the Spirit, it’s a supernatural act by God at the moment of salvation when the Holy Spirit comes to leave within us and from there on our lives are changed and molded as God wants it to be: a life that pleases Him. Also, Rev. Elfert doesn’t even mention salvation anywhere. It is ONLY when you are save that the Spirit comes to us, we do NOT find it.




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