Thousands at Religious Summit in Haiti

A gathering of thousands of people from Catholic, Christian and even Voodoo backgrounds were united to offer things and pray for their most gratest concerns and for miracles to occur. It was called “Prayer, Penance, and Conversion” and was held in a small village called Bois Neuf, organized by Our Lady of Fatima Bible Center. At first this sounds like a good thing but when you get to know whick type of people and their professing religions were there and what they were doing you consider its something out of order. God commanded us Christians to gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should not accept other influences because, like in this occasion, they usually gather for the wrong motivations. Particularly here they gathered to get their visas approved and health for their relatives’ sickenesses; they even said they had to convert in order to preserve a city’s life. I dont think they even know what to convert really means.



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