Religious Liberty or Anti-Gay Discrimination?

Summary: Despite a major victory in Arizona this week, the battle over where the line will be drawn between “religious freedom” and protection for gays against discrimination is only just heating up, advocates on both sides say.Since August 2013, lawmakers in at least 13 states have introduced legislation similar to the controversial Arizona bill — vetoed Wednesday — as a new front line emerges in the battle over same-sex marriage and gay rights.

I think its just so ironic that since long time ago people are advocating for a religious freedom bill and protection, and now there’s people advocating for a same-sex marriage protection bill abd they’re giving them the same importance and I dont think that is fair neither equal. People in governments are too biased and don’t research enough to take an objective decision towards they gays matter.


Thousands at Religious Summit in Haiti

A gathering of thousands of people from Catholic, Christian and even Voodoo backgrounds were united to offer things and pray for their most gratest concerns and for miracles to occur. It was called “Prayer, Penance, and Conversion” and was held in a small village called Bois Neuf, organized by Our Lady of Fatima Bible Center. At first this sounds like a good thing but when you get to know whick type of people and their professing religions were there and what they were doing you consider its something out of order. God commanded us Christians to gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should not accept other influences because, like in this occasion, they usually gather for the wrong motivations. Particularly here they gathered to get their visas approved and health for their relatives’ sickenesses; they even said they had to convert in order to preserve a city’s life. I dont think they even know what to convert really means.


Catholic Arouse.

This article talks about the Catholic population and states in the United States; they profess to be the second religion with 25% of statistics. Nevertheless, if they’re the second, what’s the first one? I researched on the web and found out the #1 religion is claimed to be Christianity. That made me happy. However, it made me realize that they don’t project it as they should. The US was found on principles made by men INFLUENCED by Christianity, but they were not Christians. As Christians we must start doing our job, and in that great and big nation Christians have a lot of work and responsability; it’s incredible how Carholicism takes over people.


Spain’s Civil March Against Government’s Plan to Restrict Abortion

Thousands of people in Madrid, Spain launched themselves to the streets protesting against government’s aim to restrict abortion; government wants to restrict it unless it’s a case of rape or life-threatening circumstance. Spanish say that “women’s rights will be set back” if abortion is restricted using the cliches “Allow mothers to decide” and “Mothers and Fathers in Freedom”.
I was shocked to see so many people protesting in FAVOR of abortion; they want their “right” to be preserved. Spain’s government is trying to do the right thing, even though rape shouldn’t be an exception. With this I can clearly see how ignorant people can be, and even more, how much this world needs God.


Finding the Spirit?

This article I found on the web is not really a news but sort of a response to a letter written to this Reverend Martin Elfert by someone trying to “find the Spirit” because he lives for the world at the moment. The letter in response, Martin says that he/she can find the Spirit anywhere around him because the Spirit is among us. In other words, Elfert responds to the person saying he should be involved in everything that carries serving, because that is how you find the Spirit. First of all, we don’t “find” the Spirit, it’s a supernatural act by God at the moment of salvation when the Holy Spirit comes to leave within us and from there on our lives are changed and molded as God wants it to be: a life that pleases Him. Also, Rev. Elfert doesn’t even mention salvation anywhere. It is ONLY when you are save that the Spirit comes to us, we do NOT find it.



Reaction to Nelson Mandela’s Death

Africa’s greatest hero passed away today, leaving many people in shock and sad at this news because of everything he was able to accomplish during his lifetime. Nelson Mandela was a great moral figure to follow, even though he had his flaws as we humans do. This article shows many public reactions of different people towards this, and it made me think two things: If he could make such an impact on people, why can’t I? and the thought that people react that way towards the death of a public figure but don’t see there’s so much people dying (millions and millions more). I mean, he was a great man and it can’t be denied, but he was just as human as everyone else. We (including me) have to be more sensible to the fact that people are dying, dying in every sense; dying without Christ. As Christians we must get on our feet and move out of our comfort zone because God deserves all of us.


Multicultural Parishes.

This article talks about the Catholic parishes having the Masses taken in 6 different languages at 6,700 parishes around the world. They say “We are all brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Katushka Olave, Spanish pastoral care associate at the Roman Catholic parish. There is no reason for separation, no reason for there to be differences between us.”

I don’t agree at all with the Catholic teachings or religion, but I do ahree in that they take the Mass being spoke in an understandable language, because if not they’re just taking it because they want to, and not understanding a bit of it.